We’re really excited to utilize the opportunity of the PEP grant and have support players like Focused Fitness helping us achieve our goals.

The curriculum from Focused Fitness allowed us to deliver a health related curriculum, to teach our kids to be their own personal trainers for life.

We knew if it wasn’t activity-based with content meshed in, that that we weren’t interested. So we started looking and what was exciting was the first state conference that my teaching partner and I attended, we found something. It turned out to be a nutrition program that had the integration we were looking for and covered our state standards. It came from a company called Focused Fitness.

What impresses me the most about the Five For Life Program is how I can immediately use the lesson plans, the progression, and the ability to tweak them according to limits of space, equipment, etc.

It has made my life easier. Also, every trainer has added tips, suggestions, modifications to every activity. Great stuff. This just revs me up and puts new life back in my program and me! I love P.E.. Sometimes I get mired down in the other stuff I am required to do and these trainings remind me why I do what I do; I want every student to love fitness (P.E.) and moving their body like I do.

Thank you so much!