Focused Fitness Curriculum and eCurriculum



The FIVE FOR LIFE® Curriculum and supporting materials are designed for K-12 Physical Education teachers.  This program is aligned K-12 so students learn the content in a progressive manner.  All instructional units are activity based so movement time is not compromised.  The Five for Life Programs include the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Curriculum, Nutrition Manual and Kit, Circuit Training Manual and Kit and the Student Portfolio Series.

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Fab 5 Curriculum

FAB 5® Programs


The FAB 5® Programs are designed for activity leaders and teachers to deliver fitness, nutrition and health concepts in a fun and motivating environment. These programs are aligned with the Five for Life program so there is consistency in vocabulary and content wherever students are active. The FAB 5® Programs include the After School Program, Physical Activity Program, Early Learner Fitness, Classroom Activity Breaks and the PEACE Program.

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