FIVE FOR LIFE® Curriculum and eCurriculum

The FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® is a research-based, K-12 fitness and health curriculum aligned with Physical Education Standards.  Using age-appropriate academic instructional units in an activity-based setting, the FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® moves students through a continuum of learning without compromising activity time.

  • FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® Physical Education Curriculum – The FIVE FOR LIFE® Physical Education Curriculum is designed to teach essential fitness and health content through movement. Each activity allows students to apply knowledge. Formative and Summative Assessments are used throughout each program to understand student mastery. The curriculum is aligned K-12 to ensure student growth in knowledge and skills from year to year. FIVE FOR LIFE® Physical Education Curriculum includes a Basic Program for Elementary Students, Intermediate Program for Middle School Students and Advanced Program for High School Students.
  • Nutrition Curriculum  – Nutrition plays a key role in the growth and development of children. If children don’t understand how to make healthy nutrition choices, then the lack of nutrition education in schools contributes to the obesity epidemic. The FIVE FOR LIFE® Nutrition Curriculum provides fun, engaging lessons and activities to teach essential nutrition information through movement and hands on materials. Five for Life Nutrition Curriculum materials include the Nutrition Handbook, Info Cube, Info Cards, Nutrition Cards, Fishin’ for Nutrition Handbook, Fishin’ for Nutrition Fishing Poles, Food Cards, and Fishin’ for Nutrition Resource CD.
  • Fitness Curriculum – FIVE FOR LIFE® Fitness Curriculum guides physical education teachers in providing functional training and circuit training opportunities to studnets to increase their fitness. Fitness Curriculum materials include the Circuit Training Handbook, Circuit Training Cards, Dynamic Workout DVD, Circuit Training DVD and Intensity DVD.
  • Student Portfolio Series – The FIVE FOR LIFE® Student Portfolio provides the tools necessary to encourage secondary students to see that their current behaviors and fitness efforts affect their health—now and in the future. As they build their personal portfolios, students identify nutrition, activity, sleep and hydration habits and learn how they relate to overall fitness. The Student Portfolio Series includes Series 1 for Middle School Students and Series 2 for High School Students.  The Student Portfolio is also available as an online learning module in WELNET®.
  • Video Library -  The FIVE FOR LIFE® Video Library provides teachers with the ability to weave technology into a Physical Education Program. The videos can be utilized in a variety of ways including delivering essential concepts in fitness and health to students, showing students proper technique, and creating customized exercise routines.